The artist is known as Futura recently filed a suit against The North Face and outdoors brand “Futurelight outwear line” featuring a geometric-shaped logo confining a series of overlapping ovals and shapes inside. The artist claims that his first solo gallery show in New York was released titled monograph which is now copied by them. The design is a copy of his “atom” sketch that he said was a recurring motif. In a trademark lawsuit filed by him on Tuesday in California federal court, claimed that the design was being used without his consent, despite having worked together in past. Futura, known for graffiti and abstract work, has been known for his atom design in his work. He has been giving his designs as a logo on apparel and gear which has been featured in brands like Nike high-top sneakers. He claims that the similarity of the graphic designs and the names is no coincidence and has been used purposefully in order to create a mirror image of him being indirectly associated with Futurelight. The prayer has been said before the California federal court to order The North Face to immediately recall and remove any and all infringing products from the market at the earliest

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